For fifteen years, I had chronic rhinitis with post-nasal drip. My sinuses were over-sensitive ... to all kinds of stimuli: dust, diesel, perfume, cold air, wind, smoke, and cold food among them. This condition caused me to cough INCESSANTLY and deeply, to the extent that I cracked a rib, pulled muscles, and damaged my vocal cords. I was unable to sleep or to meet with clients, without a cough drop in my cheek the entire time. I slept with a cough drop in my mouth!

For ten years an allergy medication alleviated my symptoms, but when it stopped working, my symptoms returned, worse than ever. My allergist tried for two years to help me, with several different medications, all of which had side effects, and none of which worked for more than two weeks. On recommendation of two different friends, one of whom is a Registered Nurse, I met with Lucy Kotter. . .
Lucy took an extensive history. . .and began a treatment of acupuncture and Chinese herbs meant to address the underlying causes of my condition, while also treating the symptom (the coughing) to provide me with some relief. She also made dietary recommendations, which I followed. Within a couple of weeks, the coughing had markedly decreased, and within a month I no longer needed the constant cough drop.

The changes in my overall system. . .have enabled my body to resist reacting to the stimuli that used to make me cough. I now see her once a month for the acupuncture and herbs, and continue to enjoy my new health!

. . .To express how grateful I am to Lucy is impossible. Her wisdom and care have enabled a change in my life which is profound. I was in misery before and it was hard for my loved ones and co-workers to witness. The absence of suffering is a JOY to behold, and we are grateful every day. . .

Dale W.

I was surprised how relaxed & energized, paradoxically, I could feel at one time while lying on the treatment table letting the needles to their work. It was also satisfying to note how points along indicated meridians really buzzed and alerted me to its connection to my overall energetics. Sensing that yes, energetic points on my right foot were indeed sending healing to my injured left wrist. And the results were obvious as soon as I got off the table.


Lucinda is a caring, gentle, thorough practitioner whose ministrations on my behalf made the difference in bringing my traumatic . . .injury under control. I'm glad to have found and been treated by her.

K. R.

I came to Lucinda because I was very ill while pregnant with my son. . . I had heard acupuncture works . . .so I called Lucy. She saw me at 3 months pregnant and through the whole rest of the pregnancy. She relaxed me and helped ease my feeling of being so queasy. She saved my life and made my pregnancy easier to handle. [It] was a high risk pregnancy and she was gentle and knew what to do.

Elizabeth T.