Your immune system is responsible for protecting you from infection from the outside and from abnormal cellular growth on the inside. A suppressed immune system can not only leave you vulnerable to every cold or sore throat that goes around but also to cancer. Poor nutrition, overwork, stress, sleep deprivation and emotional upheaval can all contribute to weakened immunity. Many people are in a constant state of low grade "fight or flight" response. When you are stressed, chemicals are released that prepare the body to fight or run, suppressing "less essential" functions like digestion, reproduction, immunity so that more energy can go to the muscles. If these functions are chronically suppressed, it can lead to serious problems, such as insomnia, poor digestion, frequent illness, hormonal imbalance, depression, poor sexual function, infertility and even cancer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine works with the body to gently and safely restore health without harsh pharmaceuticals and their side effects. Herbs and acupuncture are used to balance organ function and the flow of energy through the body.